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MBA - HRM Human Resource Management 2017 - Gary Dessler 15th Edition - BP Texas City Case Notes

HRM Human Resource Management

MBA - Human Resource Management 2017

Human Resource Management, 2017, 15th Edition, Gary Dessler



BP Texas City Case Notes:

This case emphasizes the importance of health and safety in the workplace.  The case shares insights on several safety failures at BP, and in particular at the Texas City facility.  In addition to discussing safety programs, the case explores the role company leadership plays in creating a safety culture.  The case emphasizes the importance of all aspects of safety from policies and practices to organizational commitment to creating a safe work environment.  The case also introduces the ethical implications of safety efforts at an organization.




B-22. The text defines ethics as “the principles of conduct governing an individual or a group,” and specifically as the standards one uses to decide what his or her conduct should be. To what extent do you believe that what happened at BP is as much a breakdown in the company’s ethical systems as it is in its safety systems, and how would you defend your conclusion?

The case explores both the safety systems as well as the management practices that led to the problems at BP. An effective safety policy starts with top management.  Management must not only implement policies to comply with the law, but also create a safety culture. 


This case does raise concerns of the ethical systems at BP.  The principles guiding the conduct of BP’s top management were focused more on cost cutting than on safety.  While cutting costs is important for a large company, doing so without regard to the impact on safety does create some ethical questions.  Students could cite several examples from the case of deficiencies in safety practices that BP management was aware of but did not address. 


B-23. Are the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s standards, policies, and rules aimed at addressing problems like the ones that apparently existed at the Texas City plant? If so, how would you explain the fact that problems like these could have continued for so many years?

OSHA’s standards, policies, and rules are aimed at creating a safe and healthy work environment.  OSHA has worked closely with BP to abate their safety concerns through inspections and fines for safety violations.  However, the problems at BP are complex and not easily fixed.  OSHA also is faced with limited resources to get involved enough with the BP operations to address all issues.  While OSHA did issue the highest fines in its history to BP, it is clearly not enough.  BP needs to go beyond complying with safety regulations and create a safety culture by making safety a management priority.


B-24. Since there were apparently at least three deaths in the year prior to the major explosion, and an average of about one employee death per 16 months for the previous 10 years, how would you account for the fact that mandatory OSHA inspections missed these glaring sources of potential catastrophic events?

There are a variety of challenges that OSHA faces in trying to enforce safety laws in a large organization such as BP.  The primary challenge for OSHA is a limited number of inspectors available to conduct complete inspections.  Often inspections are done in response to accidents and as a result, are relatively narrow in scope.  Such inspections may not explore all of the potential hazards.  Further, OSHA inspections do not look at the safety culture or management decision-making processes that have led to many of BP’s problems. 


B-25. The text lists numerous suggestions for “how to prevent accidents.” Based on what you know about the Texas City explosion, what do you say Texas City tells you about the most important three steps an employer can take to prevent accidents?

All of the suggestions in the text are important and a student might include any of them.  However, creating a safety culture is clearly a priority as noted in BP’s case.  Creating a supportive environment is also important.  A company can have the right equipment and train employees in safe behaviors, but if managers and supervisors are not supportive of creating a safe workplace, then policies may not be followed.  Finally, conducting internal inspections helps identify safety concerns and demonstrates the importance of safety. 


B-26. Based on what you learned in Chapter 14, would you make any additional recommendations to BP over and above those recommendations made by the Baker panel and the CSB? If so, what would those recommendations be?

Students might come up with a variety of ideas.  As the suggestions provided by these panels are thorough, students are likely to come up with more specific ideas.  For example, while the panel suggested involving stakeholders in safety, a more practical suggestion would be to use employee-run safety committees.  Company leadership should make safety a priority by investing significant financial resources into safety programs.  The company should also upgrade all of their equipment to the newer and/or safer models. 


B-27. Explain specifically how strategic human resource management at BP seems to have supported the company’s broader strategic aims. What does this say about the advisability of always linking human resource strategy to a company’s strategic aims?

Overall BP has been successful in supporting its strategic aims of cutting costs and becoming more efficient through streamlining processes and making sites more efficient.   However, this alignment took the focus away off of safety.  While it is important to link HR strategy to a company’s strategic aims, it is also important for HR to take leadership on ensuring compliance.  This is particularly important if the strategic direction of the organization creates concerns in meeting basic workplace obligations.







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Human Resource Management
Human Resource Management, 15th Edition, 2017, Gary Dessler,
Strategic Compensation: A Human Resource Management Approach, 9th Edition, 2017, Joseph J. Martocchio
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PART 1: Setting the Stage for Strategic Compensation
1. Strategic Compensation: A Component of Human Resource Systems
2. Contextual Influences on Compensation Practice
PART 2: Bases for Pay
3. Seniority Pay and Merit Pay
4. Incentive Pay
5. Person-Focused Pay
PART 3: Designing Compensation Systems
6. Building Internally Consistent Compensation Systems
7. Market-Competitive Compensation Systems
8. Building Pay Structures that Recognize Employee Contributions
PART 4: Employee Benefits
9. Discretionary Benefits
10. Legally-Required Benefits
PART 5: Contemporary Strategic Compensation Challenges
11. Compensating Executives
12. Compensating the Flexible Workforce
PART 6: Compensation Around the World
13. Compensating Expatriates
14. Pay and Benefits outside the United States
15. Challenges Facing Compensation Professionals
Managing Human Resources Today
Managing Equal Opportunity and Diversity
Human Resource Strategy and Analysis
Job Analysis and Talent Management
Personnel Planning and Recruiting
Selecting Employees
Training and Developing Employees
Performance Management and Appraisal
Managing Careers
Developing Compensation Plans
Pay for Performance and Employee Benefits
Maintaining Positive Employee Relations
Labor Relations and Collective Bargaining
Improving Occupational Safety, Health, and Risk Management
Managing HR Globally
Managing Human Resources in Small and Entrepreneurial Firms
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Comprehensive Cases
Human Resource Management: An Overview
Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility
Equal Employment Opportunity, Affirmative Action, and Workforce Diversity
Strategic Planning, Human Resource Planning, and Job Analysis
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Performance Management and Appraisal
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